7-13-2019 Saturday

Another fun day of fishing with the folks from M.A.D. Outdoors ( Make a difference ) . M.A.D. is dedicated to serving our veterans and children with disabilities by taking them out hunting and fishing. We’re very proud that they choose us for their fishing trips. Today we had several vets and a hand full…


For those passengers that lifted their lines it was a great day. Big Olive, Yellowtail and the occassional Blue rockfish. One gentleman bragged about a 50 pound bag of fish as he walked off today. For the people that stuck it out on the bottom most were rewarded with nice Vermillion rockfish but the Rosies…

7 6 2019

Today was a great day of fishing. Limits of rockfish for 39 fishers plus crew fish. Trip 2, did not quite make limits but many quality fish came over the rails including a 15 and a half pound bling cod. Thank you to crew Reed, Andrew and the new guy, Kevin. Happy fishing, Capt. Rod


I dont know what we did to turn the tides in our favor but i wont complain. We left the dock in rough weather but for some reason decided to push into it and did it ever pay off. We found calm weather and GREAT fish. Big Bocaccio and Yellowtail rockfish. Biggest fish and the…

6-29-19 Saturday

Today was a great day with one of my favorite charters. Deck hand Reed and I got to take M.A.D. Outdoors (Make a difference) fishing for Rockfish. MAD outdoors is a nonprofit hunting and fishing guide for veterans. If you are a veteran or know a veteran that would benefit from a hunting or fishing…

6 29 2019

Great day of fishing. We set out and were on the grounds by 0730. Finished with limits of rockfish for boat and crew, 350 fish, by 0900. Thanks to Jach and Andrew for your hard work. Come see us for your fishing needs. Capt. Rod


Another quick day for rockfish. A school of blues swarmed the boat right away. Most lines couldn’t make it to the bottom before fish grabbed them. The besg part is we were able to get our limits before the weather got rough. -Captain JJ Raz of the Chubasco