Absolutely gorgeous weather today. We had a VIP guest on board with us today. Former skipper Dieter Giblin was the skipper that first hired the owner of J and M sport fishing, John Mayer, as a boat washer. It was great to hang out with him today. We had a steady bite all day today…


The best day of fishing I we have had in some time. The sunrise sky was as clear as I have ever seen it. Flat calm seas and great fishing. We stayed local but with a small group of fishermen we were able to be very picky about what fish we dropped on. After starting…

10-16-19 Light load, quality fish

As we left the dock the day started out chilly and foggy. The first stop was a bit of a training exercise but we soon got it all ironed out. Right after Vermillion after Vermillion were coming over the rails along with hog olives! Everyone left with loaded bags. All in all it was a…

10-1-19 Tuesday

Lots of fun today fishing with Deckhand Kevin and 8 anglers from all over. We caught limits of nice Olive yellowtails and several Bocaccios. Most of our anglers were first timers and if the smiles they had on today are any indication, I believe they will be hooked for life. Captain Danny Frank for the…

9-29-19 Sunday

A little bit of roll on the ocean today for our 10 fishermen. We caught limits of a nice variety of rockfish. Several Yellows and a hand full of reds. All in all it was a good day of fishing with a fun group of guys that chartered the boat for a bachelor party. -Captain…

9 7 19

Great morning of fishing, limits of assorted rock fish for 37 anglers by 1130 plus 3 lingcod and a spiny dogfish that measurec 4 feet long. Excellent weather, flat calm conditions. The crew kept the ball rolling all morning. Thanks Alfredo and Daniel.

See you on the water,

Capt. Rod

8 20 2019

Great day for fishing, we had a light load today and the weather was beautiful. Started fishing for live bait and when for lingcod. Caught 4 kept 2 then finished up with limits of quality rockfish. Thank you Andrew for your hustle on deck.

Captain Rod


Beautiful weather to start the day. Calm seas, the sun was shining and the fish wer biting. We made our first stop local and scratched up some nice Copper and Canary rockfish. Not mention a few Ling cod. After the bite slowed we pushed down the coast for a little while. The weather did begin…

9 24 2019

Killer day, weather and fishing treated us well. We landed limits of QUALITY rockfish for 13 anglers, 2 lingcod and 4 petrale sole. Had a nice ride down to big sur and back. Thank you Andrew for yourhard work on deck.

See you all soon,

Capt Rod