Salmon were evasive today and conditions windy. We managed to land two large kings and threw back a coho. There were not that many opportunities as we lost only two. Looking forward to the wind backing off and the bite coming back on. Capt. John

7-28-2019 Sunday

Slow start strong finish today. We began fishing in 240 feet of water and we had massive schools of rock fish, but they didn’t want to take our hooks. When we finally got a couple of fish in the boat we could see that the fish were totally full of jellies. We headed farther south…

7-19-19 Friday

Today, we had great fishing for Rockfish at Pt. Sur. 20 anglers, smooth weather and limits of nice fish. Most of our fish today were olives with a mix of Blues and vermillions. Lots of fun. Captain Danny Frank for the New Horizon.

7 17 19

Great afternoon of fishing. Caught 100 rockfish for 10 passengers plus crew fish. In addition 1 lingcod and 1 petrale. Thanks to Alfredo for keeping the deck moving. See you on the water. Capt Rod

7 16 2019 Tuesday

Beautiful morning on the water. We took 19 fishers out and brought 190 quality rockfish over the rails, plus 3 lingcod. Thanks to crew, Andrew and Mike for keeping the flow on deck. Come out with us, the fishing is good. Capt. Rod

7-13-2019 Saturday

Another fun day of fishing with the folks from M.A.D. Outdoors ( Make a difference ) . M.A.D. is dedicated to serving our veterans and children with disabilities by taking them out hunting and fishing. We’re very proud that they choose us for their fishing trips. Today we had several vets and a hand full…


For those passengers that lifted their lines it was a great day. Big Olive, Yellowtail and the occassional Blue rockfish. One gentleman bragged about a 50 pound bag of fish as he walked off today. For the people that stuck it out on the bottom most were rewarded with nice Vermillion rockfish but the Rosies…

7 6 2019

Today was a great day of fishing. Limits of rockfish for 39 fishers plus crew fish. Trip 2, did not quite make limits but many quality fish came over the rails including a 15 and a half pound bling cod. Thank you to crew Reed, Andrew and the new guy, Kevin. Happy fishing, Capt. Rod