Our running fish tally.

Date Vessel Anglers Fish Count
4/29/17 Chubasco PM 22 20 Lingcod & 110 Rockfish
4/29/17 Chubasco AM 30 22 Lingcod & 210 Rockfish
4/26/17 Chubasco 14 28 Lingcod & 91 Rockfish
4/23/17 Chubasco 35 22 Lingcod & 210 Rockfish
4/23/17 Sur Randy 5 4 Salmon
4/22/17 Chubasco PM 24 240 Rockfish
4/22/17 Chubasco AM 15 30 Lingcod & 60 Rockfish
4/21/17 Chubasco 19 33 Lingcod & 57 Rockfish
4/21/17 Sur Randy 11 8 Lingcod & 12 Rockfish
4/20/17 Chubasco 7 14 Lingcod & 39 Rockfish
4/16/17 Chubasco 13 18 Lingcod & 39 Rockfish
4/15/17 Sur Randy 15 5 Salmon
4/15/17 Chubasco 26 20 Lingcod & 153 Rockfish
4/9/17 Chubasco 32 10 Lingcod & 96 Rockfish
4/8/17 Chubasco 9 17 Lingcod & 90 Rockfish
4/6/17 Sur Randy 8 9 Lingcod & 75 Rockfish
4/5/17 Sur Randy 14 28 Lingcod & 42 Rockfish
4/2/17 Chubasco 22 42 Lingcod & 154 Rockfish
4/1/17 Sur Randy 24 2 Salmon
4/1/17 Chubasco 26 46 Lingcod & 130 Rockfish

Captain's Log

April 29 2017

We had a very action packed day! Our morning trip had 30 anglers on board and they brought home 22 Lingcod and 210 Rockfish using squid strips for bait. Weather conditions started to pick up half way through the day, but we were still able to bring home some nice catches. The afternoon trip had…

April 26 2017

We had limits of Lingcod by 10am on Wednesday (4/26/17) thanks to our live bait sanddabs! The Lingcods have really been hitting on live bait. We have been fishing live bait such as sanddabs, squid and mackerel every chance we get during our Rockcod Trips. In addition to the Lingcod our 14 anglers also brought…

April 23 2017

Another Salmon bite today! Our 5 Anglers on the Sur Randy proudly brought home 4 Salmon. The King Salmon have been off the bite for a few days but we had some good luck on our side today. The Chubasco had a nice and busy day as well. Our 35 anglers brought home 22 Lingcod…

April 22 2017

It was all about the Lingcod this morning! Our 15 anglers on a private charter brought home limits (30 Lingcod) in addition to about 4 rockfish a round totaling up to 60 for the day. The weather was pretty nice out there today. In the afternoon we had our first 4 hour open boat rockcod…

April 21 2017

We sent out two boats for rockcod today. The Sur Randy had a private charter with 11 Anglers. They brought home 8 Lingcod and 12 Rockfish after fishing Sanddabs for live bait. The Chubasco had our normal open boat rockcod trip. The 19 Anglers on board brought home 33 Lingcod and 57 Rockfish after fishing…

April 20 2017

We had a great day fishing today on the Chubasco. The weather was gorgeous in the morning but became windy as we came in for the day. Our 7 anglers brought home limits of Lingcod (14 total) and 39 Rockfish (about 5-6 per person). This year’s rockcod season has been off to a great start!

April 16 2017

Easter fishing report! Despite the rain and choppy sea conditions we came home with some nice Easter fish. Our 13 anglers brought home 18 Lingcod and 39 Rockfish on the Chubasco today. We fished Sanddabs for live bait and had a few left-over to take home as well.

April 15 2017

Excellent day today! The Sur Randy had the best day with Salmon yet this season! We had 5 keepers that made it in the box (on board) and one keeper got away. We also had 3 shakers (fish that are too small to keep). There has been a lot of bait hanging around in the…

April 9 2017

The weather was pretty rough today for our 32 Anglers on the Chubasco. We fished squid for live bait and were able to bring home some decent fish. Our anglers returned for the day with 10 Lingcod and 96 Rockfish.

April 8 2017

We had a private charter today on the Chubasco with 9 anglers on board. They brought home 17 Lingcod and 90 Rockfish despite some bouncy sea conditions. What an awesome day!

April 6 2017

We had a nice light crowd on board for fishing with pretty good weather today. We fished Our 8 Anglers brought home 75 Rockfish and 9 Lingcod after fishing sanddabs for live bait.

April 5 2017

We had great weather conditions today for Rockfishing! We started the trip by fishing sanddabs for live bait. While fishing down the coast we spotted lunge feeding humpback whales in the same area where we set up for rockcod. We had 14 anglers on board and they came home with 28 Lingcod & 42 Rockfish.