6 29 2019

Great day of fishing. We set out and were on the grounds by 0730. Finished with limits of rockfish for boat and crew, 350 fish, by 0900. Thanks to Jach and Andrew for your hard work. Come see us for your fishing needs. Capt. Rod


Another quick day for rockfish. A school of blues swarmed the boat right away. Most lines couldn’t make it to the bottom before fish grabbed them. The besg part is we were able to get our limits before the weather got rough. -Captain JJ Raz of the Chubasco


Short, sweet and to the point. Limits of rockfish by 10 o’clock and got back in before the weather got too bad. Mainly Widdow rockfish with a few Bocaccio and Yellowtail. -Captain JJ Raz of the Chubasco


Summer time weather has shown its face. Great sea conditions and sun shine all day made for a great trip down the coast. Big Vermillion, Olive and Copper rockfish sent passengers home with some big bags of fish. The biggest fish on the day was a tie between three 15 pound Lings. Fantastic day all…


Fishing is on fire right now! Limits of rockfish by 11 o’clock. Big Bocaccio and Vermillion rockfish topped off with some widdows that were itching for a boat ride. Most impressive catch was tough to decide. A 9 pound Bocaccio was the biggest, two 5 pound Vermillion caught on the same line, a 3 pound…

6-23-2019 Sunday

Today was a bit better for salmon. We ended up catching 2 good fish on our second drift. It seemed like the fish shut off after we caught our 2. No bites at all after that point. We stuck it out until noon and decided to get some rockfish so everyone could have some fresh…

6-22-2019 Saturday

Slow, slow day for salmon today. We hooked 3 early in the morning, but, we didn’t manage to get them in the boat. All 3 spit the hooks before they were in net range. The weather was pretty nice and the rock fish were up real high on the nearest reef, so we stopped by…

6-18-2019 Tuesday

Another nice day of local rockfish. Today we went out with 14 anglers and caught limits of good fish. Plenty of Olives, and Blues. We also had a fair amount of Vermillions and Canaries. No keeper Lings today though. Hopefully the Lings will start coming over the rails. -Captain Danny Frank for the New Horizon

6-16-2019 Sunday

Salmon fishing today was a lot of trying out different areas and no catching. We covered a lot of ground today, fishing at the Soquel hole, the Paharo, the northwest corner and even out in front of Santa Cruz harbor. No dice. We witnessed a small boat catch one that was too small just a…