May 28 2017

Great day for fishing. Weather was pretty cooperative. We had the Sur Randy and the Chubasco out fishing this morning. The Chubasco had 22 anglers for our regular open boat trip. The Sur Randy had a private charter with 6 anglers. The Chubasco came in with 32 Lingcod and 88 Rockfish. The Sur Randy came…


May 27 2017

The Sur Randy and the Chubasco fished this morning with private charters on both boats. We fished squid for live bait on both boats. The Chubasco had 14 anglers and came in with limits of lingcod (28 lingcod) and 56 rockfish. The Sur Randy had 20 anglers and came in with 12 Lingcod and 19…


May 24 2017

Things were picking up again today. Weather was awesome! We had plenty of nice red rockfish species today. We fished sanddabs and squid for live bait. Our 8 anglers brought in 13 Lingcod and limits of rockfish (80 rockfish).

May 21 2017

Fishing was a little slow today. The weather was decent  – a little foggy and overcast but not much wind. Our 18 anglers brought in 6 Lingcod and 72 Rockfish. The youngest boy on the boy caught some of the biggest fish!

May 20 2017

Busy day here at J&M Sportfishing! The Chubasco and the Sur Randy were privately chartered by two different groups in the morning. The Chubasco went out with 30 anglers and caught 52 Lingcod and 120 rockfish. The Sur Randy went out with 25 anglers and caught 47 Lingcod and 50 rockfish. Awesome fish were hitting…


May 19 2017

Light crowd on the Chubasco today. We had 6 anglers on board for a nice and mellow day. Weather conditions were pretty good. We came home with 9 Lingcod and 30 Rockfish after fishing for live bait in the morning.

May 16 2017

We have been off the water for a few days due to bad weather. Conditions were much improved today. We fished Sanddabs for live bait in the morning and then headed out for rockfish and lingcod. We ended up with limits of Lingcod and about 5 rockfish a round for our 12 anglers on board.