Captain's Log

3/19/22 Crabs & Dabs

Today the crabs were shy, only 8 of em wanted to get in the traps. We ended up with 20 Petrale sole and 150 sand dabs for 12 anglers. Thank you Caila for rockin’ the deck. Capt Rod

11/8/21 Am Rockfish

Excellent day out on the water. Captain Rod and Daniel reported back on the new horizon with limits of quality rockfish and six lingcod for 5 anglers. The ocean was calm the wind was silent. Capt Rod

11/7/21 Am Rockfish “Marbles in a 5 Gallon Bucket”

It was a tough go overall today. The swells were 6 to 7 feet tall (which isn’t that big) but man they were close together. North wind, West wind, Northwest swell and even some Westerly swells. This particular combination was very effective at making us feel like marbles in a 5 gallon bucket. Regardless of…

11-6-21 Am Rockfish “Double or Nothing”

A lazy swell from the west and a light breeze from the North greeted our private charter of 19 this morning. The fish were up in abundance and were swimming around the rocks gobbling up all the little pinhead anchovies that have inundated Monterey peninsula. The Rockfish were snapping if you could get the school…

10-30-21 Am Rockfish “Limits of RF & 9 LC”

On this day before Halloween 2021, the new horizon reported in with 210 Quality rockfish. 190 for passengers 20 for crew. Also 9 lingcod came aboard the vessel. Thanks to deckhand George for all his hard work, even though he was in Greece for a month he didn’t seem to miss a beat welcome back…

9-17-21 Am Rock cod “The Fish are Biting”

Good day all, new horizon reported in with limits, for boat and crew, of quality rockfish by 9:30 AM. The fish are biting, come see us. Check our website for availability. See you on the water, Captain Rod and deckhand Andrew

7-31-21 Rock Fish Charters

The New Horizon,  with Capt Rod  and deckhands Kevin and George, reported in with limits of rockfish and 2 lingcod for 18 anglers and crew. That was our AM charter. The pm charter, with Rod, Daniel and George reported in with 200 rockfish for 25 anglers. Capt Rod

7-26-20 Am Rock Cod “34inch Lings!”

Today, captain Rod and deckhand Andrew, on the new horizon, reported in with 19 limits of rockfish +2 crew limits and 2 ling cod up to 34 inches. See you on the boat

7-19-21 Halibut/Rock Cod Combo

Rock cod and halibut combo today. Great weather so we ventured down the coast. GREAT quality of fish. Would up with 6 Lings and 47 rockfish. Only got one halibut but I am optimistic for upcoming halibut trip. Should be a good year for them. Captain JJ Raz of Chubasco