7-18-21 Am Rockfish

Slow start to the day. A few nice bottom fish to start the day but couldn’t really get many fish to cooperate until late in the trip. Caught 80 of our 160 fish in the last hour of the trip and limited out. Captain JJ Raz of Chubasco

7-13-21 Salmon Trip 3 King Salmon

Went for salmon. Very slow start to the day. Saw fish the whole day which was very encouraging. Getting them to bite however, proved difficult. The 3 we landed all hooked up within seconds of each other late in the trip. After that flurry the fish seemed to shut off again. Hardest thing about salmon…

7/9/21 Salmon

Today started off slow but we managed to get 3 salmon on the boat, up to 20 lbs. Lost one to a sea lion. Ocean conditions were nice. Come see us on 7/13 for another salmon trip. Thanks to Daniel for rockin’ the deck. Capt Rod