Amber Caldwell

Name: Amber Caldwell Years in the industry: 1 year Hometown: Campbell CA Specialty: Guest Experience & Office Operations Assistant Manager Favorite Hobby: “I like to work on my extensive succulent collection in my yard / house and watching hockey – Go Sharks!”

Katlyn Taylor

Name: Katlyn Taylor Years on the ocean: 3.5 years Hometown: Oregon City OR Specialty:  Marine Biologist & Business Manager Favorite Hobby: “I have two hobbies that I like to do when I’m not at J&M. I like to create art out of sea glass that I find on the beach and I am working on…

Monty Truitt

Name: Monty Truitt Years on the ocean: 30 years Hometown: Monterey CA Specialty: Fishing Deckhand Favorite Hobby: “I like to draw and make artwork. I make doodles for fun but also publish cartoons in the local paper – The Foolish Times”


Went down the coast today and fished with whole squid and strips of squid on 2 hook rigs. A lot of fish were showing on the meter but, the fishing started out slow. After deciding that the problem was most likely the sound of the engines running, and not the fisherman or our tactics, I…